Foreclosure Statistics

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* The number of foreclosures in Novemember expienced a slight up-tick of 5.3% compared to the foreclosure numbers in October. This can be due to serveral factors (read recent online news articles to determine why this may be the case. In addition, the number of Texas REO and Foreclosure homes remains the highest this month at 1,209 new foreclosure listings, with a total number of 4,309 currently on the market. Followed closely by Texas is Florida, California, Georgia, and then Alabama. Vermont is currently showing the lowest number of foreclosures. (Read other foreclosure news articles and old foreclosure news artilces and foreclosure stats from other sitesto get more information. Here's an example). Despite foreclosures being up slightly this month, foreclosures are still down by over 75% from their highs in 2011. In other interesting news, firmer lending requirements look to go into place in January of 2014, with lenders requiring borrowers to acuire a mortgage at 40% of Less of their available spending requirements. This is down from 50% Previously. In addition, borrowers will be required to prove 3 years of tax returns versus the 2 years of tax returns that were previously required.
New Foreclosure Listings Per Month By State

Month-->-1012345678Total Curr. For Sale
AL5470921149410986614860Total Curr: 755
AK8172013159161399Total Curr: 139
AZ14153532433725132318Total Curr: 707
AR30194169704247343032Total Curr: 413
CA608198150918876574662Total Curr: 1051
CO71510333416219137Total Curr: 366
CT667410715212413582847053Total Curr: 860
DE4118211614813115Total Curr: 164
FL14611817656929825317514713993Total Curr: 3389
GA45427998789555596339Total Curr: 1102
HI877129153692Total Curr: 110
ID9558594435Total Curr: 48
IL134186238302298262229110162120Total Curr: 2114
IN4367100951098481563630Total Curr: 630
IA12273763414428141450Total Curr: 278
KS17305888606146413923Total Curr: 350
KY36424977615038333026Total Curr: 420
LA5155691031028679594844Total Curr: 650
ME111319292526919108Total Curr: 116
MD7378136168156101100816656Total Curr: 1116
MA27284766686456383822Total Curr: 357
MI858911014714466133906776Total Curr: 934
MN26365538606850614141Total Curr: 495
MS31564978605345444216Total Curr: 381
MO425910613211610990675555Total Curr: 718
MT9761091596108Total Curr: 94
NE47122719137234Total Curr: 80
NV111427301715156529Total Curr: 204
NH55222013171817108Total Curr: 94
NJ12012316623120515916813610889Total Curr: 1800
NM17273859495836293732Total Curr: 376
NY1331421782521881397415412975Total Curr: 1666
NC6049871058710776484537Total Curr: 731
ND7881879137106Total Curr: 75
OH89115166240207200173126104104Total Curr: 1411
OK30327877647646422632Total Curr: 375
OR25252633334522202018Total Curr: 292
PA998915020219611214917611792Total Curr: 1432
RI81391891810638Total Curr: 84
SC36274169466844282924Total Curr: 556
SD438861573310Total Curr: 72
TN28414876354334413833Total Curr: 406
TX8310718321218222212510610783Total Curr: 1378
UT351056154484Total Curr: 62
VT310101515141213916Total Curr: 122
VA638110810813413299755458Total Curr: 1000
WA19163639393533252219Total Curr: 406
WV20233551303636192021Total Curr: 352
WI27366258577647182346Total Curr: 456
WY331027281817131010Total Curr: 102
DC0132442202Total Curr: 29