Foreclosure Statistics

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* The number of foreclosures in Novemember expienced a slight up-tick of 5.3% compared to the foreclosure numbers in October. This can be due to serveral factors (read recent online news articles to determine why this may be the case. In addition, the number of Texas REO and Foreclosure homes remains the highest this month at 1,209 new foreclosure listings, with a total number of 4,309 currently on the market. Followed closely by Texas is Florida, California, Georgia, and then Alabama. Vermont is currently showing the lowest number of foreclosures. (Read other foreclosure news articles and old foreclosure news artilces and foreclosure stats from other sitesto get more information. Here's an example). Despite foreclosures being up slightly this month, foreclosures are still down by over 75% from their highs in 2011. In other interesting news, firmer lending requirements look to go into place in January of 2014, with lenders requiring borrowers to acuire a mortgage at 40% of Less of their available spending requirements. This is down from 50% Previously. In addition, borrowers will be required to prove 3 years of tax returns versus the 2 years of tax returns that were previously required.
New Foreclosure Listings Per Month By State

Month-->-3-2-10123456Total Curr. For Sale
AL6082104114109114941098662Total Curr: 650
AK1816122322131591613Total Curr: 125
AZ12264130443243372513Total Curr: 685
AR24386245576970424734Total Curr: 343
CA779014212612115091887657Total Curr: 960
CO77193310333416219Total Curr: 336
CT521151521611451521241358284Total Curr: 736
DE10982012211614813Total Curr: 157
FL230241304191210569298253177147Total Curr: 3277
GA43699470909878955560Total Curr: 1033
HI56111091291536Total Curr: 106
ID62118785944Total Curr: 44
IL165236236315297302298262229110Total Curr: 1952
IN48819411112495109848156Total Curr: 569
IA21162638466341442814Total Curr: 191
KS30356166808860614741Total Curr: 301
KY41378266617761503833Total Curr: 355
LA53741099993103102867959Total Curr: 589
ME720192722292526919Total Curr: 112
MD8011617515116916815610110081Total Curr: 1055
MA30395356596668645638Total Curr: 329
MI76941561581461471446613390Total Curr: 832
MN42354460663860685062Total Curr: 453
MS36325280597860534544Total Curr: 347
MO4265891011231321161099067Total Curr: 646
MT128131281091596Total Curr: 75
NE3911101527191372Total Curr: 59
NV2031232231301715156Total Curr: 172
NH9161212292013171817Total Curr: 90
NJ149221258249207231205159168136Total Curr: 1696
NM34444244455949583629Total Curr: 346
NY12516926025422225218813974154Total Curr: 1587
NC717410074100105871077748Total Curr: 695
ND171112141879137Total Curr: 67
OH123131208223215240207200173126Total Curr: 1268
OK354763681037764764642Total Curr: 335
OR21284544353333452220Total Curr: 265
PA117136198173183202196112149178Total Curr: 1268
RI9714201218918106Total Curr: 82
SC27577250556946684428Total Curr: 525
SD44949861573Total Curr: 44
TN25385563607635433441Total Curr: 354
TX117134173168219212182222125106Total Curr: 1188
UT466610561544Total Curr: 45
VT96611141515141213Total Curr: 107
VA62921431451231081341329976Total Curr: 918
WA18304135453939353325Total Curr: 367
WV26263329365130363620Total Curr: 314
WI37356656725857764718Total Curr: 384
WY9434112728181713Total Curr: 82
DC2445524422Total Curr: 31