Foreclosure Statistics

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* The number of foreclosures in Novemember expienced a slight up-tick of 5.3% compared to the foreclosure numbers in October. This can be due to serveral factors (read recent online news articles to determine why this may be the case. In addition, the number of Texas REO and Foreclosure homes remains the highest this month at 1,209 new foreclosure listings, with a total number of 4,309 currently on the market. Followed closely by Texas is Florida, California, Georgia, and then Alabama. Vermont is currently showing the lowest number of foreclosures. (Read other foreclosure news articles and old foreclosure news artilces and foreclosure stats from other sitesto get more information. Here's an example). Despite foreclosures being up slightly this month, foreclosures are still down by over 75% from their highs in 2011. In other interesting news, firmer lending requirements look to go into place in January of 2014, with lenders requiring borrowers to acuire a mortgage at 40% of Less of their available spending requirements. This is down from 50% Previously. In addition, borrowers will be required to prove 3 years of tax returns versus the 2 years of tax returns that were previously required.
New Foreclosure Listings Per Month By State

Month-->-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-101Total Curr. For Sale
AL84119167165162181149177144152Total Curr: 572
AK49951012912714Total Curr: 30
AZ38619479979476718679Total Curr: 720
AR39668789839584828267Total Curr: 248
CA6690136139161166132139142138Total Curr: 699
CO14143237383824302515Total Curr: 311
CT81101147171212165193217169175Total Curr: 631
DE19322942415032373831Total Curr: 146
FL238372533445479387308289350288Total Curr: 2366
GA111163220228224219216173219148Total Curr: 931
HI1716171921212091522Total Curr: 71
ID9131525212415111314Total Curr: 34
IL191296416385361391309325380323Total Curr: 1119
IN94103143185208177166162164124Total Curr: 391
IA22325750645647585649Total Curr: 125
KS3347801041019187807877Total Curr: 207
KY407811093102101941089782Total Curr: 258
LA44881391201241531159913593Total Curr: 345
ME14162527363425313328Total Curr: 116
MD109140214187198216181179208219Total Curr: 720
MA76101116138921168699124137Total Curr: 330
MI122165304307301265232230249205Total Curr: 612
MN616611610311090788780106Total Curr: 276
MS2840109957683641026672Total Curr: 243
MO6996176181164190156146191173Total Curr: 458
MT7514101311141187Total Curr: 31
NE572218271314201716Total Curr: 60
NV13294034362628162115Total Curr: 100
NH12182719242524313228Total Curr: 80
NJ165239367340385392289362626462Total Curr: 1496
NM32545062647268927260Total Curr: 199
NY135147240186212249196255388211Total Curr: 966
NC5690132143152162165197204190Total Curr: 564
ND14568821186Total Curr: 26
OH168268441407388385373320368349Total Curr: 958
OK4165103140142147145128130128Total Curr: 268
OR36597757716648478397Total Curr: 264
PA160206307326302313238276300304Total Curr: 853
RI11161714151323463438Total Curr: 88
SC49681121009510369139130113Total Curr: 472
SD1611969814412Total Curr: 35
TN699111314011614611812799123Total Curr: 325
TX118164275248255214190169208181Total Curr: 852
UT10102111182632212017Total Curr: 57
VT9102218132014192120Total Curr: 71
VA81114163188170164165140148154Total Curr: 704
WA606810812110297901008682Total Curr: 380
WV32405046344951684440Total Curr: 250
WI43678992879786848685Total Curr: 236
WY14173329342924212527Total Curr: 57
DC12011201405Total Curr: 26