Foreclosure Statistics

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* The number of foreclosures in Novemember expienced a slight up-tick of 5.3% compared to the foreclosure numbers in October. This can be due to serveral factors (read recent online news articles to determine why this may be the case. In addition, the number of Texas REO and Foreclosure homes remains the highest this month at 1,209 new foreclosure listings, with a total number of 4,309 currently on the market. Followed closely by Texas is Florida, California, Georgia, and then Alabama. Vermont is currently showing the lowest number of foreclosures. (Read other foreclosure news articles and old foreclosure news artilces and foreclosure stats from other sitesto get more information. Here's an example). Despite foreclosures being up slightly this month, foreclosures are still down by over 75% from their highs in 2011. In other interesting news, firmer lending requirements look to go into place in January of 2014, with lenders requiring borrowers to acuire a mortgage at 40% of Less of their available spending requirements. This is down from 50% Previously. In addition, borrowers will be required to prove 3 years of tax returns versus the 2 years of tax returns that were previously required.
New Foreclosure Listings Per Month By State

Month-->-5-4-3-2-101234Total Curr. For Sale
AL20020024322836153310254201225Total Curr: 614
AK6699074019918Total Curr: 50
AZ12812812113175722317283116Total Curr: 768
AR808089103235719613999113Total Curr: 316
CA2702702171721179356310223212Total Curr: 725
CO49495049133090715041Total Curr: 330
CT22022019514229202437276198229Total Curr: 707
DE45453747820103653545Total Curr: 167
FL983983771709562401150970578675Total Curr: 2886
GA29429433529674170444404272308Total Curr: 1147
HI242413140153372533Total Curr: 95
ID2525332631454361724Total Curr: 69
IL65065048748727201800712472471Total Curr: 1305
IN19219222826545113338384227245Total Curr: 536
IA6767424763096955464Total Curr: 164
KS8484100721449163144102109Total Curr: 240
KY1101101321242771173195143133Total Curr: 337
LA70706181173114310676128Total Curr: 371
ME2929584412791584346Total Curr: 131
MD23323320722332145371414283277Total Curr: 855
MA1661661191171153176226155151Total Curr: 382
MI42742733643471152344421357336Total Curr: 778
MN190190132112538172207121144Total Curr: 309
MS102102978483812313410691Total Curr: 260
MO1951952312342491249307203224Total Curr: 576
MT161616130924332015Total Curr: 47
NE1919242701618424021Total Curr: 61
NV707067381227821126052Total Curr: 183
NH4040483271944553042Total Curr: 98
NJ69469452544730186437555357391Total Curr: 1355
NM8989868793572678175Total Curr: 211
NY43343334228638211320385247306Total Curr: 1036
NC22822823424226117216187189174Total Curr: 467
ND77420310478Total Curr: 17
OH41741747850365221465598491486Total Curr: 1048
OK1161161071423178183186165148Total Curr: 351
OR959581851281061738587Total Curr: 286
PA39839834140856203398480398430Total Curr: 974
RI3838294321335251820Total Curr: 70
SC151151136135106511517199132Total Curr: 447
SD1717770992387Total Curr: 30
TN1321321941481676173222158199Total Curr: 393
TX26126123227975152298445286377Total Curr: 1112
UT3434163662344393624Total Curr: 51
VT24248160435161015Total Curr: 68
VA19119120021628122256240205221Total Curr: 773
WA121121118148755196191121143Total Curr: 453
WV77773554203452554256Total Curr: 214
WI1371371111111853130148119133Total Curr: 289
WY1414172532228401630Total Curr: 81
DC1100023203Total Curr: 17