Foreclosure Statistics

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* The number of foreclosures in Novemember expienced a slight up-tick of 5.3% compared to the foreclosure numbers in October. This can be due to serveral factors (read recent online news articles to determine why this may be the case. In addition, the number of Texas REO and Foreclosure homes remains the highest this month at 1,209 new foreclosure listings, with a total number of 4,309 currently on the market. Followed closely by Texas is Florida, California, Georgia, and then Alabama. Vermont is currently showing the lowest number of foreclosures. (Read other foreclosure news articles and old foreclosure news artilces and foreclosure stats from other sitesto get more information. Here's an example). Despite foreclosures being up slightly this month, foreclosures are still down by over 75% from their highs in 2011. In other interesting news, firmer lending requirements look to go into place in January of 2014, with lenders requiring borrowers to acuire a mortgage at 40% of Less of their available spending requirements. This is down from 50% Previously. In addition, borrowers will be required to prove 3 years of tax returns versus the 2 years of tax returns that were previously required.
New Foreclosure Listings Per Month By State

Month-->-2-101234567Total Curr. For Sale
AL72101128137141161139144113126Total Curr: 516
AK68511812128129Total Curr: 27
AZ26427773745448616550Total Curr: 729
AR23476660804862777366Total Curr: 256
CA327511712914914311899134116Total Curr: 805
CO8161915352322212129Total Curr: 321
CT76116139160175161163156161135Total Curr: 587
DE12253126354232312411Total Curr: 120
FL104154294268328323392360293474Total Curr: 2863
GA86108199143163154135160140165Total Curr: 977
HI66121926211518912Total Curr: 91
ID53121312101331314Total Curr: 37
IL97180339301392341323276302273Total Curr: 1305
IN5481128117132138115119107129Total Curr: 411
IA21334944413845323844Total Curr: 136
KS17397472868291797862Total Curr: 248
KY305783771108885826245Total Curr: 281
LA525411788116105102101115105Total Curr: 386
ME10213025302322302224Total Curr: 90
MD6394176202232188177171195237Total Curr: 894
MA35561101251251158778108115Total Curr: 370
MI70110218200214208203178279197Total Curr: 781
MN26487210010672105495350Total Curr: 285
MS30506068757260707686Total Curr: 283
MO5271162170157144126118130157Total Curr: 478
MT58879189121010Total Curr: 51
NE311141618231013811Total Curr: 60
NV641915251925191617Total Curr: 120
NH14183028312421191917Total Curr: 84
NJ116223500420427331341347420678Total Curr: 1792
NM25536557706456788680Total Curr: 251
NY78143297195261237203219289449Total Curr: 1378
NC67131176173163156160151142147Total Curr: 564
ND197671371276Total Curr: 23
OH89149317341371308309319265282Total Curr: 930
OK365910112510399114939998Total Curr: 299
OR20247593605555533644Total Curr: 270
PA70155258278300274253247216274Total Curr: 912
RI7322938192415162216Total Curr: 91
SC218611110811983868586107Total Curr: 484
SD2103101511410611Total Curr: 38
TN33618511911299856910092Total Curr: 293
TX7797183170198201206174172239Total Curr: 995
UT13111816301212894Total Curr: 35
VT101519182321614108Total Curr: 63
VA6273130141147154158122129165Total Curr: 803
WA27457579675752445435Total Curr: 335
WV23524036435023333151Total Curr: 236
WI26447081928370616558Total Curr: 272
WY10172226182713281515Total Curr: 54
DC01001233241Total Curr: 39