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Whether you are shopping for a home as your primary residence or an investment property, purchasing a foreclosed home is an almost guaranteed way to save money. Most listings are priced at $15,000 or more below value.

Private Lenders are individuals who lend their money on homes regardless of credit. By signing up for the Free pass, you have access to the full list of private lenders. These lenders only care about the value of the property you are buying.

These sellers are motivated to sell their home quickly and often at a large discount. Sellers in this category come from a variety of circumstances: moving, job loss, payments too high, divorce, and so on. This is an excellent group of properties for finding a great deal!

Foreclosure Listings

A typical wholesaler consistently finds bargain properties in their area and would rather quickly resell them than find a realtor, list the property, pay realtor fees, etc. By looking in this section you will discover that many of the properties are listed at discounts of up to 40%. was founded in 2007 with a focus on providing the most up-to-date list of foreclosure properties on the Internet. While the vast majority of foreclosure websites provide out-dated and limited information, goes in the oppposite direction to ensure the listings are both complete and accurate. County foreclosures listings on include bank foreclosures, REO homes preforeclosure listings, HUD foreclosure listings, wholesale properties, private lenders, for sale by owners, and motivated seller properties. In addition to providing listings in all of these categories, allows members to receive e-mail alerts of new foreclosures in their area.

If you are looking for a foreclosure home for yourself, or just as an investment property, is your one-stop bargain property and foreclosures destination.
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9/15/2014 - In Chatham, Delinquent Taxes Could Result In Foreclosures - Taxpayers not paying taxes on time will see the new consequence of their home possibly being foreclosed on. - Chatham County became one of many counties in North Carolina seeking legal help to collect late property taxes through home foreclosures. According to Frances Wilson, Chatham County’s tax collector, foreclosing is always their last option when forcing someone to pay late taxes. However, Wilson said that it will stay that way under the new steps with Zacchaeus Legal Services. Regarding using foreclosures as a tactic to collect late-fees, Wilson added that they have done such a thing in the past but because of limited resources, they enlisted the help of a firm that specializes in tax fore...

9/15/2014 - FBI Looks Into Countrywide's Foreclosure Statistics - FBI said to be investigating Countrywide, among other mortgage companies, to assess their loan practices. - The country's largest mortgage lender in Countrywide Financial Corp. is being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for potential security fraud. Investigators are trying to fin...

9/12/2014 - Lee County Records New Foreclosure High - Lee County shattered the foreclosure record last month and local leaders are not happy. - Lee County shattered the foreclosure record last month and local leaders are not happy. Charlie Green, Lee County Clerk of Courts said that foreclosures in their area are the highest it has been. ...

9/12/2014 - Virginia, Georgia Officials Get Proactive With Foreclosures - Virginia officals propose a 30-day 'help period' for homeowners. In Georgia, notice periods would be extended, and owner of the home loan would finally be identified. - In Richmond, Virginia, locals suffering from high risk mortgages and nearing foreclosures would receive a 30-day help period from a bill that was unanimously approved by the state Senate earlier this ...

9/11/2014 - Minnesota Passes 3 Foreclosure Bills - Earlier this week, three foreclosure bills received preliminary approval from the Senate. - Fears of worsening foreclosures have driven Minnesota legislators paranoid and as a result, are now examining the possibility of passing new bills that would save homeowners and renters as well as has...

9/11/2014 - Conservative Lending Provides Soft Foreclosure Fall for Iowa - Conservative underwriting and loan origination practices have helped Iowa dodge the foreclosure bullet. - In Ames and Story County, foreclosure news aren’t as emphasized. According to Sharon Presnall, senior vice president Government Relations and Compliance for Iowa Bankers Mortgage Corporation, there...

9/11/2014 - Nevada Foreclosures Starts Spike - September 2014 - - Foreclosure starts in Nevada increased over 100% in July. Foreclosure starts are the beginning of the foreclosure process. There are many steps from start to finish in the foreclosure process. Just be...

9/10/2014 - Foreclosures Sink The Valley - Valley foreclosures are expected to reach their highest level in decades this year. - Valley foreclosures are expected to reach their highest level in decades this year, a ‘heads up’ to local homeowners. In 1990, 12,664 foreclosures were reported in the Valley as skyrocketing inter...

9/10/2014 - Sen. Huntley Tries Foreclosure while Rep. Gillibrand Announces Multi-Million Dollar Foreclosure Fund - Senator Shirley Huntley experienced the foreclosure process by letting her mortgage payments go unpaid. Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand announced federal funding for the Housing Assistance Program of Essex County, Inc. - State Sen. Shirley Huntley had enough of the growing apathy towards the foreclosure crisis and decided to take matters into her own hands by putting her own home into foreclosure just to experience th...

9/10/2014 - Buying After Foreclosure - September 2014 - - Have you recently gone through foreclosure? Are you looking to purchase a home again, but can't because of the foreclosure on your credit report? FHA created a program in 2013 specifically designed...

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Bicknell,IN 47512
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Hampton,VA 23605
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61 Lamb St
South Hadley,MA 01075
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1810 Lakeland Ave
Sylvan Lake,MI 48320
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26500 N ALAMO Road
Wenden,AZ 85357
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3102 202nd Street SW
Lynnwood,WA 98036
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115 E Astor Dr
Spokane,WA 99208
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10021 Rexford Rd
Grass Lake,MI 49240
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2403 Jennings St
Sioux City,IA 51104
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